Monday, January 28, 2008

Who is H. Beatty Chadwick?

Jailed for over 13 years, H. Beatty Chadwick has been imprisoned for Contempt of Court without trial, or charges. No, not in China, or North Korea, or Guantanamo Bay, but right here in the good ole' US of A.

Chadwick's big crime was getting divorced in Pennsylvania, and not forking over his life savings to his spoiled ex wife, Barbara. The judge ordered that Chadwick turn over 2.5 million dollars to Barbara (whom had done nothing to earn the money) or go to jail. Chadwick contended that the money had been lost in a bad investment and he couldn't turn any money over to her even if he wanted too.

Not much later, Chadwick was arrested and sent to the county lockup. He's been there ever since. No charges, no trial, no chance to confront his accuser. The judge acted as accuser, jury, and jailer. Despite almost a dozen appeals, Chadwick remains in prison.

Readers will ask, "if he's been in jail that long, he must have done something wrong" or "why wont he just turn over the money?" The question here isn't about the money, or what Chadwick did or did not do. The question is, can our judiciary simply lock us up and throw away the will? And if they can, what prevents them from doing it to you?

Chadwick doesn't belong in anyones jail. Especially, without a trial. Barbara, who initiated the divorce has since remarried. She left Chadwick supposedly for a better life. If she hasn't gotten it, why is Chadwick the one being punished?

This blog, and the efforts of its writer, seek to free Chadwick. If you're with me, please comment and work with me to get this man out of jail.


scoobysteven said...

The guy is an idiot. All he has to do is produce the cash, then he can go home. Instead, he just continues to repeat some stupid and totally unbelievable story about losing the money via some imaginary business transaction.

Anonymous said...

What can we do to free him? Even if he is lying about the money, he doesn't deserve 14 years for it. Also, he is innocent until proven guilty.

optimist said...

We can get it in the news. How? Show up at the prison with 50 people, media packets, and picket signs. Would it work? Dunno. The court of public opinion is out on both sides of this. There are people who think Beatty tried to beat the system so somehow he deserves this death sentence. The bigger argument is that even if he did, he doesn't deserve to die in prison because some judge is pissed off at him.

optimist said...

When you and 48 of your friends are ready to show up..count me in. I'll be there with you.

Tom D said...

This is obviously an abuse by the justice system. What's more interesting is why almost nobody cares about this. Optimist said if 50 people protest, nothing will happen. 50 people? I don't think you could get even 5 people to protest. I don't think there are more than 5 people who care at all. THAT'S WHY THE GUY'S IN JAIL! People believe that's where he belongs for committing the great offense of not submitting to his ex-wife and the U.S. family court system. That's the United States. HEY, IS THIS A GREAT COUNTRY OR WHAT!!???