Friday, February 8, 2008

Chadwick denied....again.

New story by the Delco Times. Check it out.

Long story short. The three judge panel decides that Chadwick needs to remain in jail, because if he gets out he will feel he has “beaten the system.”

At 72 years old. The man has only a few years left. This is a disgrace.


Anonymous said...

This case is totally outrageous, what a shameful blight on our legal system.

lesa said...

I totally agree with the above comments. I had a bumper sticker made... FREE BEATTY CHADWICK! I think another step would be for Beatty supporters to protest outside that prison. Anytime Im ready! I want to see that poor victim of a ruthless former wife and the judges that want to make him squirm like a worm on a hook playing a mouse game with poor Beatty get the hint. I haven't given up on him we've been writing to each other since my family and I had fallen in the hands of his very emotionally disturbed wife and her new hubby. If anyone is interested in protesting for BEATTY contact me as and of coarse I am talking the kind of protest that is a non-violent one. The hell with the useless war in the middle east and the Presidential candidates who have they noses in other countries doing for the foreigners. What about our people who are suffering right here in our own country! Yes! and I'm talking about a "Man Without A Country," Mr. Beatty Chadwick. My family and I fell
victum to his ex Barbara Applegate, but we had an excellent Attourney that put the Witch back on her broom stick and got her out of Thomaston. Please send the message along to GET BEATTY OUT OF PRISON! Oh I would like to add, perhaps they don't want to lose a MODEl prisoner that works hard in the law library and teaches or assists the inmates to get their GED's. Gosh they wouldn't want to let someone go that gives time like they know they'd be losing a great asset to that prison! FREE BEATTY! FREE BEATTY!

Carl and Lesa Kitching

Anonymous said...

In recent years, it has been recognized that the original intent of CIVIL CONTEMPT, is COERCION, only...Mr. Beatty continues to file for habeas corpus, which is asking the state to charge, avail him of charges, state charges, criminally...

I believe Mr. Beatty needs to clearly show that ONE he is pushing eighty, TWO that this sentence has run into a punishment, which is not what civil contempt is designed to do, present that the courts can and are able to put a lien on assets, and continue to withhold licensing, passports etc.

(I suggest that Mr. Beatty consider case law pertaining to civil contempt procedings under the child support laws)

Tami Pepperman
Victim/Child Advocate

David said...

Judges routinely destroy lives, in part because they are inured to the suffering of others. In this, they are like a physician who has never personally experienced pain, and so is cavalier about witholding strong pain relievers in hopes of "avoding addiction."

Judges in America are part of the Government Mafia, surfing with legislators and regulatory bureaucrats above the laws they make and enforce, living like King's Representatives in a Crown Colony. All right-thinking people should heap execration on such pukes at every opportunity.

People who think we live in a "free country" are morons. There are no free countries, and the saddest charade is when the slaves from different plantations argue between themsleves over whose plantation treats its slaves best.

optimist said...

You hit it right on the head. I have a friend who's worked in "intelligence" for a number of years and has traveled internationally quite a bit, she sums it up like this: "if you think its bad here, try living somewhere else." Governments the world over don't even try and hide the crap that they pull on their citizens. At least we make some pretense about "freedom" and "rights."

russ said...

He's FREE!!!!,2933,531544,00.html

A Burger and a Beer!!

optimist said...

I can't believe it. This is a wonderful thing!!!!

Anonymous said...













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